Car Insurance – Speeding Fines Play Havoc With Car Insurance Premiums

Speed cameras are now a typical feature on our roads, and have successfully reduced accidents, while raising associated with pounds in fines. Such is their prevalence, along in four households have a driver that has been caught speeding at least once. With the conviction comes three points on the licence and a pounds fine – but research carried out by the AA has shown there exists more costs to consider, and that’s on auto insurance.

The AA’s research showed that can easily drivers can expect to see their premiums rise by % with speeding offences, although their driving record was perfect preceding to. They made their findings through mystery shopping – calling a range of eight insurance companies and giving the details of a -year-old and a -year-old to get a comprehensive picture of want to ..

The premiums for the -year-old increased by an average of pounds after one driving offence, and with pounds with two. The -year-old would see an average rise of pounds after one offence, and pounds after two. However, for your -year-old, only four of the insurers surveyed raised their car insurance premiums on a current policy because of a first speeding offence.

With an extra offence your same year however, one insurer raised the premiums from pounds to pounds, another from pounds to pounds. A green lifestyle . could not commit to insuring remainder with an extra offence. If you are caught through speed camera, then advised that you tell your existing insurer.

There is no reason not to, as they are unlikely improve your premiums immediately, they’ll wait until renewal time for reconsider your premiums. The key reasons why it critical is because if you do have an accident and make a claim, they will use your non-disclosure of an speeding conviction to overturn your take. And that is not worth baths! Also, if you are getting quotes for a new policy, then again it necessary that you disclose the speeding sentence.